Problem Sets

Academic Honesty

What happens if I plagiarise?

If you are caught twice with plagiarism you will loose your right to a grade improvement and other consequences might follow

What is considered as plagiarism

Plagiarism generally is the blatant usage of material not created by yourself but by someone else submitted under your name. For more in detail information on this please refer to CS50s Syllabus

CS50 Command Line Tools

Can I use every command line tool in every CS50 environment (CS50 IDE, Sandbox, Lab)?

No! You can not use “debug50” in the CS50 Sandbox environment.

How should I use command line tools when working on Problem Sets?

The ideal process would be that as soon as you feel you have completed your problem set you should use “style50” to check your syntax etc. Then you should use “check50” to see if your code passes all the checks! Finally you should use “submit50” to submit your code to us!

Do I require a GitHub account to use “submit50”

Yes! You require a GitHub account for any tool you will use throughout the course.

Where can I find the right “check50” and “submit50” paths for each PSet?

The paths are always included in the documentation or README of the corresponding Problem Set!


Do the Quizzes count toward my Grade improvement?

No, the quizzes are an optional part, for you to test the knowledge you acquired from the lecture.

Can I retake a Quiz

Once you have started a Quiz you can not interrupt it and come back to it later!

Is my time to take the Quiz limited?

Yes! As soon as you have stared a Quiz you will only have 5 minutes to complete and finish it!