Problem Set Retry

Problem Set Retry until 04.02.2023

We would like to offer you the possibility to turn in a hitherto unfinished or incomplete problem set until the first week of february, so you can achieve your grade improvement, even after missing a problem set. Note that by doing the Retry you can still achieve the full grade improvement even if you are late on two problem sets. This is because of the Joker that you can use for any other problem set.

How does it work?

  • Turn in a hitherto unfinished or incomplete Problem Set until the 4th of February 2024
  • Sign up in StudOn under the PSet Retry survey
    • register yourself
    • indicate the problem set that you resubmitted
  • You may not use code of fellow students as base for your code
  • You may not provide your code to fellow students to use

Additional Plagiarism Check

Note that, we must perform an additional plagiarism check on all problem sets submitted to this point , after the Retry Deadline on February 4th. This means you should not provide any submitted code to your fellow students.

If a problem set contains plagiarism you will not receive a bonus point!

If your code is found to have been plagiarised from another student of this course, this student will lose their bonus point for the respective problem set as well!